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19 & 20 NOV 2019



Shake Shack set to launch chatbot

Keen to transform they way they engage with their customers, Shake Shack has confirmed its plan to launch its very own chatbot, on Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message. Developed in partnership with Conversable, a conversational intelligence platform, the Shackbot will be on hand to answer quests’ most commonly asked questions and direct them to their nearest Shake Shack. 

The chatbot has the ability to answer more than 300 of the guests’ most frequently asked questions in-channel on Twitter and Facebook and is evidence of Shake Shack’s commitment to transforming the guest experience. Courtesy of the bot, guests will be able to learn more about the menu, nutritional information and much more. Guests will also be encouraged to provide feedback and will be able to download the Shack App and sticker package. Shake Shack is continuously looking to implement new and emerging technologies, both on and offline, to meet their customers’ growing demands and expectations. 

Phil Crawford, Vice President of Information Technology at Shake Shack, has said: ''Shake Shack has always been defined by our hospitality and commitment to providing a fun and lively community gathering place. We aim to deliver the best experience possible—whether that be in line at a Shack or online via our Shack App''. Adding that the company is greatly excited by the prospect of future digital innovation, and the impact this will have on guests, by creating short and long-term customer engagement. 

Ben Lamm, CEO of Conversable, has credited Shake Shack for priding itself on hospitality and striving to implement new and emerging technologies that truly enhance the customer experience, adding that their unrelenting approach is a testament to the power of a brand built on loyalty and hospitality.

Conversable’s enterprise conversational intelligence platform helps brands create personal, on-demand, automated experiences on any messaging or voice channel. As a result of employing their services, Shake Shack can now offer a convenient digital experience in the channel of the user’s choice. Shake Shack’s ability to drive digital innovation shows how progressive brands can differentiate with technology. In partnership with Conversable, Shake Shack will continue to expand ShackBot’s capabilities, enabling the company to further establish itself as a leader in the competitive fast-casual space.