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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Seatris Set to Take Smart Tables to Thailand

Seatris, web-based restaurant management software from Germany, is introducing its machine learning technology in Thailand as part of the company's efforts to expand into the Asean Market. 

What’s more, the innovative software company is also set to showcase its cutting-edge technology at this year’s show! You can catch the team on stand 3150, to try, test and touch their ‘’smart table’’ technology for yourself.

The "smart table" is a fine example of the company’s machine learning technology, which includes online booking and an automatic waitlist system, serving to maximise efficiency.  

Currently, Seatris has already set up fine casual restaurants and hotels in a number of locations overseas, including Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The company is confident that their latest venture will be a resounding success, with Co-founder and Marketing Chief, Chris Franke, explaining that ‘’Asia, especially Thailand, is an interesting market for casual and fine dining. People here are very open-minded when it comes to new technology and they apply it to support their businesses’’.

Thailand is known for its extensive array of street food offerings, attracting a number of foodies year on year from all across the globe. As a result, the company believes that restaurants will start seeking new ways to attract more customers, which is where Seatris’ software comes in, as it helps prevent last- minute cancellations by customers from hitting their bottom lines. 

Essentially, Seatris alleviates the need for restaurant managers and staff to manually adjust the seating plan in response to no-shows and booking changes, which can often be very time consuming. It does this by calculating and matching seating requests and availability thanks to the reseat aglorithm, which refills cancelled tables through smart match-making. 

Seatris also reduces no-shows by helping restaurants to claim a fee from guests for not turning up. 

Next Year, Seatris aims to make its services available all over the world. The company also plans to localise software into Thai language by the fourth quarter and raise series A funding at the end of the year.

Don’t forget to catch Seatris on stand 3150, at this year’s show.