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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Nando’s Steps Up its Digital Transformation Strategy

Nando's is renowned for its grilled chicken dishes, but it’s the chain’s digital transformation strategy that’s currently ruffling a few feathers. 

Not content to rest on its laurels, the company’s technology director Richard Atkinson has explained to Silicon, that they are currently working on several technology-driven initiatives based around increasing engagement and improving the customer experience.

Digital Dining

Currently, Nando’s is in the process of updating itself in terms of how it incorporates technology, migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build new platforms, increase engagement and more efficiently deal with consumer demand.

‘Generation Z’ can be said to have heavily influenced their latest move, with Atkinson explaining “What we’re seeing is that everything comes back to Gen Z. It’s about the changing expectations of each generation of what Nando’s is all about, what they expect from our brand’’.

Given the increasingly digitised dining landscape, it’s no surprise that the industry’s biggest brands are stepping up to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer.

On the flipside, Gen Z is also starting to occupy a larger proportion of the Nando’s workforce, which again requires Nando’s to adapt the way it operates and interacts with its employees. Nando’s has cordially addressed this issue by formulating a mobile app, which serves to strengthen team morale by enabling them to share their experiences and find out what’s going on in Nando’s restaurants across the country, creating a community of employees who can engage with colleagues they’ve never even met. 

It also aids their personal development by teaching them different skills that will be useful in employees’ professional and personal lives, ranging from food hygiene to data security and privacy best practices.

For Nando’s, it’s all about using technology to supplement human interactions, rather than replacing them, enabling the social experience to be maintained and improved in innovative ways.

Culture Change

One thing the technology drive has done is change the culture within Nando’s, specifically the way the IT team is viewed across the organisation and how the topic of ‘digital’ is approached.

The IT team is now more involved in actual business decisions, now being seen by board members as a key strategic driver and source of innovation. Atkinson has paid testament to this, telling Silicon''I think they’re recognising that a lot of people end up working in technology functional stuff because they’ve got good problem solving capabilities, they’ve got great analytical skills, they maybe have the ability to look at problems from different angles, so why lock those skills up inside a tech function? Use them elsewhere. So yes I feel like we’re in more strategic conversations than we used to be''.