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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Your Bespoke Digital Loyalty Restaurant App

75% of loyalty programs fail…

When people lose/forget loyalty cards, no data is collected for businesses and constant investment is needed for acquisition, as the retention loyalty mechanism is broken.

Constantly frustrated by the same issues - this became our mission to solve!

Case Study – Perks Loyalty

In 2015 Perks Loyalty was launched, storming the market providing a powerful digital loyalty solution. B2C would never be the same for small businesses as they have the opportunity to keep up with the likes of Starbucks.

SME’s were able to be apart of this platform in 3 easy steps:

- Business sign up

- Create your rewards

- Customers download the app 

These businesses have the ability to retain their customers through the Perks Loyalty platform. 

They could deliver relevant content to each of their clients due to clever analytics tools and marketing capabilities.

Push notification technology meant that connecting with customers had never been easier as they manage everything through the merchant app on their mobile/tablet.

With over 200 businesses signed up and growing 18% month on month, we provided a digital loyalty solution for restaurants, cafes and many more.

It enabled them to truly understand their customers and build longer lasting relationships, increasing revenue, retentions rates and LTV.

Perks Loyalty was voted in the top 20 for Digital Innovation 2016 and included in KPMG’s shift 100.

Product Showcase – White Label Loyalty

High demand led us to launch our enterprise platform, White Label Loyalty; this solves many issues in the restaurant market.

A unified experience bringing: EPOS integration, Online/Offline booking, Social media, Smart Payments and Customer Analytics all into one place, which is scalable and totally bespoke.

We specialize in creating digital loyalty solutions with a mobile first approach.

- Robust foundations, totally bespoke & full flexibility.

- A turnkey solution to create or enhance/replace current loyalty programs.

- Complete EPOS integration providing real-time business insights. 

- Behavioral based marketing tools to enable effective customer retention.

Our EPOS integration is one of a kind, set up is quick and easy, it does not interfere with the running of your EPOS systems and you don’t have to worry about any EPOS vendor complications, as we cut them out completely through our innovative technology. 

We are able to provide statistics including spend, preferences dwell times which build complete customer profiles all through our powerful platform, which can be managed from any where in the world. 

We develop your turnkey solution in-house, so there are no agencies to mess you around and because we have our robust and scalable foundation already in place, it is quicker and safer to implement for your business.

White Label Loyalty now is being developed worldwide for Hospitality/Leisure, Food & Drink & Retail industries. Providing not only tailored digital loyalty, but also a powerful retention engine that is proven, tested and trialled.

White Label Loyalty

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