Building a restaurant experience that people love

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We believe in pioneering new ideas that fundamentally make the world a better, simpler place to be.  

We put the customer at the centre of the innovation process, which allows us to create ground-breaking user experiences. Our team design with empathy and uncover real human needs. 

At ribot we learn by doing, guiding your team through the innovation process to create ideas and concepts that get lovingly crafted into magical customer experiences and solutions.

Come and join our CEO Antony Ribot shares the Harris + Hoole case study in Theatre 4 on Wednesday 28th September at 2pm. He’ll be sharing how we designed and built the award winning mobile app for the artisan coffee chain Harris + Hoole. Seamlessly fusing the physical customer experience with the digital, providing next-gen loyalty and an unparalleled frictionless payments experience.

 The Harris + Hoole service can be used for coffee customisation, as a digital loyalty card, for payment or to find the nearest store. The app drives up to 50% of orders in some stores. The experience is uniquely personal. Go to any H+H and check in on the app, the barista will have seen your photo and name appear on their till and they already know your usual coffee and your payment balance. This means more time can be spent having a nice little chat whilst your usual is prepared to perfection.

The concept changed what people expect from a high street coffee experience, enabling customers to get their coffee faster and H+H to serve it faster through the busy periods. 

ribot are already innovating with other restaurant chains. We believe that digital technology and physical restaurant experiences should integrate effortlessly. The experience shouldn’t necessarily avoid human interaction, but strengthen relationships with in-house staff. The advancement of technology is empowering restaurant owners to connect with customers and deliver restaurant experiences in unprecedented ways. If you get it right, customers will spend more and return more frequently. Restaurants that can use technology to encourage loyalty and equip staff with the information to understand customer preferences, will be the true winners. The restaurant of the future will cater to an individual’s preferences.

Customers are looking for seamless booking and ordering, reduced wait time, meaningful location-based services, frictionless payments, a simple to use loyalty programme and an amazing in-restaurant experience. This is the type of experience ribot can help you deliver, all wrapped up with a little ribot magic.



PHONE: 01273 737269

Throughout Restaurant Tech Live we’ll be offering a show exclusive. The opportunity to work with a ribot innovation team for the period of 2 days. During this time we’ll work with teams across your business, collaborating together to understand your goals, vision and customer needs. You’ll then work with our award-winning innovation team to ideate, sketch and explore potential solutions to meet your goals. There will be the option to work with ribot to prototype and test assumptions on real users beyond the taster sessions.
Cost: £5400
Come and visit us on stand number 1043 at Restaurant Tech Live to talk about this opportunity or contact Jo Ross at ribot on 01273 737269.
Please note: This ribot show exclusive offer is only open to restaurant chains with 5 or more locations and is subject to availability.