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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Introducing TevX, by Tevalis

Tevalis have now released their newly developed cross platform Handheld Ordering solution, also to be known as TevX. Visitors of the Restaurant and Bar Technology Live Show, can expect to find this technology live for the first time in public.

The previous platform has been re-developed entirely, providing hospitality led teams with a simple, yet efficient and reliable handheld application which won’t let the team down during peak times of service. This is possible due to their ‘Restful Service’ connection technology, which means orders can be processed offline on the handheld device with no database connection required to the master terminal.

James Humble, Sales Director at Tevalis says:

“We saw operators struggling to find a reliable Handheld Ordering solution for their venue. With that gap in the market and as the pen-and-paper method of taking orders reduces in usage, we wanted to offer these teams a solution – TevX”

The visual element of this application has also been transformed, with easy to use layouts which mimic the Epos for familiarity alongside minimising the need for any long data entry journeys by the server. This dramatically reduces the time taken to complete a customer’s order, boosting productivity levels and customer satisfaction levels.

What’s more, the software is now available on IOS, Android and Windows, putting the choice of hardware in their customers hands. 

If you would like to see how this solution could benefit your business, meet the Tevalis Team and receive your demonstration on Stand 2410.

For more information contact Tevalis on:

+44 (0) 330 002 1555

Connect with them: 

Twitter: tevalis_epos
Facebook: tevalis.epos
LinkedIn: /tevalis-limited