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19 & 20 NOV 2019



The Dealer App

The most important statistics for any restaurant are frequency of visit and spend per visit. If you can maximise how often your loyal customers come back, as well as how much they spend then you are onto a winner. The Dealer is an omni-channel software solution that answers these crucial issues.

How it works?

The Dealer works across three main areas:

1. Helping you acquire Customer data

Our offers and rewards program allows us to collect data on who your customers are and how often they visit. This is the main building block of the software.

This gives us a clear picture of your customer base and tells us which customer groups you perform well with and which groups are largely untapped.

For example, the data might give the insight that you perform well with 18-24-year-old males, but less well with females 35+.

2. Customer Acquisition

Every business should be looking to acquire new customers. Our customer data allows us to isolate individuals who have never been to your restaurant before, and entice them in with a one-time special offer.

This allows us our restaurants to maintain their current margins on existing customers as well as bring in new customers through discounts.

For example, a new customer might come in on a one-off 30% discount, whereas existing customers will continue paying full price.

3. Customer Retention

80% of a restaurants revenue comes from 20% of its most loyal customers. It is crucial to not only to bring in customers but keep them coming back.

We sit down with our restaurants and create a personalised rewards scheme where customers earn points every time they visit. These points can then be used to unlock rewards and value added experiences.

They earn points by scanning their phone on a tag that is placed by the retailers till system or carried by their staff. It adds less than 2 seconds to the processing time.

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