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19 & 20 NOV 2019


Testo Limited

Quality can be measured with testo Saveris Restaurant- paperless quality management system

- Completely paperless HACCP for efficient processes
- Standardisation of quality checks across multiple sites
- Less risk of human errors
- Immediate notifications should there be an issue at any site
- Data protection and easy reporting to help operators demonstrate the highest level of due diligence

Cooking Oil Tester- testo 270

- Ensure cooking oil quality and optimise product consistency
- Optimise oil consumption
- HACCP compliant and NSF certified
- Save up to 20% on cooking oil costs

Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring- testo Saveris/ Saveris 2

- Measurement data sent directly to cloud storage
- All data accessible in one central place for easy analysis and sue diligence
- Options to measure both temperature and/or humidity in multiple locations
- Automatic reporting and alarm functions

Tel: 01420 544433

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