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NextMenu is the next evolution in restaurant technology, specially tailored to the fast paced nature of the hospitality sector. We provide solutions that maximise profits and let you focus on quality customer interactions via our fully customisable order and payment systems.

We provide customer-facing self-order kiosks and tablets, along with dashboards and wearables for staff, that together eliminate the inefficiencies in the ordering process.

Our systems enable customers to digitally interact with your ordering and payment processes offering them a unique experience and a new perspective over the classic paper menu. This gives them speed and freedom, and gives you efficiency, data and cost savings. When NextMenu handles your ordering and payments, your staff are free to focus on quality customer interactions and service.

NextMenu offers a range of solutions covering all types of hospitality venues, from the deli around the corner to the fine dining restaurant in the city center.

We believe that NextMenu should seamlessly blend into your venue, fully aligning with the image of your brand. All of this without turning your venue upside down and requiring you to change your furniture and layout. That is why we have partnered with specialist hardware design companies like Kiosks4Business and V2 Studios to tailor and brand our solution to meet your requirement. We take full ownership for the end-to-end implementation so you will never bounce around between vendors.

Key NextMenu Features:

  • visually rich menu (photos and videos)

  • multi-language support

  • direct ordering to kitchen and bar

  • real-time search and jump-navigation

  • detailed item customization by customers

  • filtering by allergens and nutritional info

  • real-time menu editing

  • bespoke dashboards in the kitchen and bar

  • optional printers in the kitchen and bar

  • customized reporting and analytics

  • automated recommendations

  • call for staff assistance

  • feedback about the venue

  • locked down and centrally managed devices

Table Service - Tablet Menus

Waiting to order and waiting to pay are the two major customer frustrations. NextMenu Tablets solve these at a far lower cost than hiring extra staff and streamline service from table to kitchen and back.

The menu that works hard for you.

Tablet Menu Features:

  • multi-tablet group ordering

  • flexible bill-splitting and tipping

  • meal and service feedback

  • waiter-driven recommendations

Tablet Menu Sub-Categories:

  • entry level 7-inch tablet menu

  • premium 10-inch tablet menu

Counter Service - Kiosks

Drop in. Plug in. Go. The smallest deli can now offer the same customer experience as mighty McDonalds without investing a fortune into technology. Our sturdy, free-standing kiosks are perfect for large-counter service venues, while our micro counter-top versions are perfect for packed bars and pubs where space is limited. All are capable of running side-by-side with traditional POS terminals due the certified card payment integration.

Rush-hour queues at the counter can frustrate your customers and your staff. NextMenu kiosks free up your counter staff to prepare orders. Our kiosks work 24/7. No breaks, no sleep, no holidays.

Fast. Reliable. Always On.

Kiosk Features:

  • certified card-payment integration

  • bespoke dashboard at counter

  • order info-board for customers

  • paper or electronic receipt

  • barcode-scanner

Kiosk Sub-Categories:

  • micro countertop kiosk

  • premium free-standing kiosk

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