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19 & 20 NOV 2019




FOGCheck is a complete Fat Oil & Grease management solution.
Guaranteed to eliminate and prevent FOG build up, blockages and fatbergs. Unlike any other grease management solution FOGCheck is the only system with Stopblox at its core, the safest, most powerful and the #1 bio-treatment for FOG - All other bio-treatments simply do not work! Stopblox is the only treatment that is scientifically proven to actually digest FOG!
Designed to protect commercial kitchen operators from unnecessary costs, risks of flooding and fines, FOGCheck provides online verification that your kitchen has a fully functional, effective, fit for purpose, compliant and maintained FOG treatment solution.
Monitored in real time for verified dosing, grease trap inspections, engineer visits, treatment re-stocking, TSS & COD sampling and recorded WCO collections, FOGCheck requires no staff time or intervention, for total peace of mind FOGCheck is monitored 24/7.
With nationwide coverage, FOGCheck is the only guaranteed solution for assured compliance and should not be compared to any other FOG management solution.
FOGCheck will disassociate your kitchen operations from the causes of fatbergs, verify compliance and ensue that your kitchen is not feeding the fatberg crisis in our sewers.

Tel: 0333 5771577

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