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19 & 20 NOV 2019


elucidate Group

elucidate offers sustainable data protection, strategic IT support and consultancy.

elucidate was established by our Managing Director, who, after working at an executive level in IT for many years, saw an opportunity to create a business with the aim of helping organisations who didn`t have a senior IT figure to work alongside the management team.

With our multi-industry experience spanning more than 20 years we have developed four solution sets we believe every business should have a plan for; Applications, Security, Integration and Strategy.

elucidate work with the full spectrum of companies across all sectors from micro businesses all the way up to multi-national corporations, helping them navigate their sustainable data protection journey. We offer a comprehensive suite of packages designed to highlight the necessary levels of compliance for each organisation, this coupled with our ability to visually map out the various data flows of the company truly adds value for our clients. We believe that GDPR should be embraced by companies and viewed as an opportunity for continuous business improvement and responsibility to the customer.

Tel: 01244 455140

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